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Hire me as your guide.

I can help you sort through the confusion of career and life transition, and by the end of our work, you will have clear steps to follow, a stronger sense of self and clarity on what you are here to offer.

My clients feel seen, held and supported through their fears of transition and career re-shaping. Many have gone on to start their own successful ventures, others have excitedly gone back to school for additional training, some moved to a new place to start a new life and career or joined the dance troupe of their dream.

Your astrological chart does not lie, it points directly to a fulfilling path. And most of all, your Life doesn’t lie. You have been living into your destiny this whole time, I help you clear the fog from your eyes and see what has been there all along.

I work one-on-one with clients in-person in the Boulder and Denver area.

I work with clients virtually through Skype, Google Hangout and Zoom.

Contact me at:

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I am passionate about the emergence of a soul-centric culture in this time of great transition.
I am passionate about reconnecting to roots, ancestry, the land, our bodies, our sexuality and our rewilded human spirit.

I have a passion for social and environmental justice, cultures, and indigenous spiritualities.


  • Master Degree in Social Work (2018),  Metropolitan State University of Denver
  •  B.A. in Human Development, Prescott College
  • A.A. in Political Science, Florida SouthWestern State College
  • My studies have focused on psycho-emotional trauma, sexuality, rites of passage, traditional indigenous cultures, altered states of consciousness, leadership, group facilitation,  peace practices, social justice movements and eco-psychology.
  • My graduating paper focused on the understanding of psychosis and mental illness as forms of spiritual awakening and the need for community support.

Certifications :

  • Mediation and Conflict Resolution Training Certificate, 44 hours Mares-Dixon & Associates through CU BOULDER, 2011
  • Restorative Justice Facilitator for 4 years through the University of Colorado at Boulder.
  • Permaculture Design 72-hour Certificate (2014) from The Permaculture Research Institute of Australia through the Instituto Italiano di Permacultura.

Additional Training:

  • Apprenticed and studied somatics, dance and creative expression under Melissa Michaels, E.D. and served as staff member during Youth Rites of Passage Camps called Surfing the Creative since 2010.
  • I have facilitated hundreds of men’s group and men’s experiences since 2009 with Jayson Gaddis, M.A., LPC and Reuvain Bacal, M.A., LPC.
  • Qi gong energy healing at The Center Place in Boulder, Colorado
  • Trauma and stress release acupressure technique called Jin Shin Tara, with Stephanie Mines, P.hD in Eldorado Springs, Colorado.
  • I am a student of the indigenous scholar and historian Martin Prechtel’s Boald’s Kitchen school in New Mexico.