Illumination Sessions: Career, Purpose and Money

“I would be GREAT in the world if I could only decide WHAT to be great AT!…” 

Confusion, overwhelm, sadness and frustration.
These are some of the feelings you might be going through right now.
You’ve held a job down for a couple of years, you’ve gotten the degree, you’ve saved some money, and yet something doesn’t feel right.
You still feel like you don’t belong.

There is something else, a different path, for you out there.
You don’t know what that path is, what it looks like, nor how to get there.

I can help you find a way to that place.
I have helped many before, struggling in transition, just as you.

A hunger for something different likely led you to these pages.
Maybe a friend who worked with me in the past told you to check out this website and ask for my support.

I am here.

Send me an email or leave a message at 303-582-4893 and schedule a consultation.
It’s free.
I will listen.
We will find the next steps of your journey together.

Our Work:

I work deeply.
I work fast.
Many of my clients have seen results in one to two sessions.
They have seen their faces featured in national magazines, playing on the stage at Red Rocks, landing jobs at the State level, and tripling their income.

I will ask for your commitment of time, attention, courage, and trust in a deeper path for you.
I will be with you all the way there.

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