Indiscriminate Earth

We drill holes in the ground,

the earth shakes 

and 1000 people lose their homes,

cold sweats and sleepless nights

stalk the dreams of those 

who lost it all


We, amnesiac atheists, killers of animist gods,

trap ancient gasses in the atmosphere,

and enormous hurricanes

with the wingspan of continents

decimate thousands of lives

drowning our dreams of western progress


We, freedom pioneers of I-do-what-I-want-cause-I’m-free,

build homes on mountains and sacred sites,

the heat rises

and when the wildfires come

plant, human and fauna lives burn like bacon


Maybe Nature, the great belly of the Mother Earth,

does not discriminate

People of color, poor folks, and indigenous are

first at facing the weight of the collapse

first at feeling the heat of the wave

first to drown under unpaid [spiritual] debts

of millions of un-reciprocal ancestors


Maybe Nature, that great green and blue Earth, 

does not discriminate

She thinks of us humans as a group of kin

something we have forgotten

She thinks of us as we used to behave

“What you do to one, you do to all of us”

She remembers us as caring for each member of the tribe

In olden times of Original Instructions


The Social Justice Warrior,

wearing the atheist mask 

While hiding the One-God mentality,

cries at the disaster impacting first

those historically enslaved and underrepresented


Maybe Nature, in her majesty,

does not discriminate

she responds

to the betrayal

of these humans 

that once behaved

as a


of kin.


By Fabio Fina

Photo by Sustainable Man

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[On Entrepreneurship, “Crushing it”, and climbing to the top] 

Tony Robbins, Gary V, and Tim Ferris have popularized a new way of working, making money and providing for self/family to people in my generation.
Their message is one of Mastery and Freedom.

Mastery over the self, the sleepy habitual ways of the brain/body, hacking our habits to become our best selves. 

Like a flower sprouting in the after math of the Self Actualization movements of the 1960’s (with Maslow and Assagioli), 

Robbins and friends have enlightened a new wave of hack-and-tech entrepreneurs to climb their way to the top of economic ladders. 

They have invited us to step up and away from the rat-race of 9-5 jobs, by exporting unnecessary tasks to our iPhones, or to servant-assistants in India, Pakistan and the likes.
.Crush it.
This has helped many Millennials reach levels of “freedom”, and financial capital unparalleled in previous generations. 

There is a sense of “I have made it, I have crushed it so hard and so much better than others that I am out of the rat-race. I have outsmarted everybody”. 

The energetic emphasis on “crushing it” and “conquering” is akin to the exhaustive process of working on our bodies into near-eating-disorder, trying to reach a perfection that is often masking unsecured and unloved addictions.
The climb to the top, defeating your competitors and turning citizens into consumers has been the way for modern Capitalist freedom-reaching movements.

“If I can, I should”. 

If I can reach the top, I should, I f I can become better, I should. If I can make more money, I should.
The tactics and language employed are often akin to militarized actions in the Middle East or Vietnam.

We go out and conquer our business “plan-of-attack”, our life coaches ask us what our “mission” is, and to build our own “Empire”.

The military-language has infused its way into our consciousness in such a way that we do not know what is like to live in times of peace. What it means to MAINTAIN relationships, instead of reaching for growth.
.If you are not growing, you are dying.
Let’s go a level deeper here.

Our imperial and militaristic entrepreneurial language works. 

To the extent that we live in a dualistic, Indo-European reality, this war-tactics get us the results we want.

Look, I love them too. 

I am geek for life hacks, and my brain loves making maps to conquer my goals.

And as long as understand life and perceive from a war-like, colonial and colonizing mentality, it all works.
.What’s Missing?.
So what is your point, Fabio?

My point is that I want to invite you to look at the consequences of utilizing such language and mindset.
1. There are other realities other than Indo-European/conquering-realities. I invite you to learn from other cultures, many indigenous, who by virtue of their cosmologies (how they believe the world was created and functions) and language (non-verb-To-Be) do not have a “hacking/progress/growth” mindset.
2. Freedom is misunderstood. I believe that freedom in our culture largely means escape. Escape the 9-5, escape poverty, escape the daily grind, escape deeper commitments, escape working and scrubbing floors and taking out the trash. An app can do it for us. Or Mexican migrants will take care of my loans. I’m too busy making my “.Com” money…so I can escape further to Mars. What if Freedom is linked with responsibility? What if those are connected to growing up into adulthood and elderhood? What if it has to do with the commitment to a place, a people, a person, your children?
3. What would it be like to learn and have our ways be informed by indigenous folks, feminists, trans and other marginalized communities?

The world, the wood, plant, blood, flesh and water world function, like an orchestra, because of the diversity of the ecologies within it. We need diverse voices. 

What would it be like to include in our economy-driven, freedom-seeking, death-escaping, conquering business strategies, these diverse philosophies?
4. It is my opinion that all economy is based on the Earth. We can abstract numbers and create a virtual world. Yet Still. We are bound here. We have, as our indigenous kin remind us, a responsibility to this place, this very real place. Our hacks and short cuts, our apps and money won’t get us out deeply cosmological and mythic dilemma we have gotten ourselves into (clue: climate change and 6th mass extinction).
5. Climb to the top. 

Where are we climbing to? What are we trying to reach?

The top of What?

And who are we hurting or enslaving in our climb to the top? Who are we responsible to in our climb, throughout and when we make it to the top?

Our shareholders?

Plants? Minerals extracted by minors in the C.R.Congo?

Derrick Jensen has written a brilliant book to address this called “The Myth of Human Supremacy”, shedding light on how our modern behaviors and hierarchical systetms hinge on bestowing “rights” on humans alone, pinning us at the top of a fictitious Babel tower.
I invite you to question imperialist expansion in the entrepreneurial world, remembering that any Empire needs slaves to be built and function, whether they are human, digital or mineral/animal/plant.
Borrowing a term from many PoC communities, I bid you to to Stay Woke.

Money as an Ancestral Skill

Over the past many years I have been tracking, practically and mythically, my own attraction and repulsion towards money.

Below I write an edited transcript from a conversation between Pieter VW, the host of The Emergent Story Podcast, and I recently had.
See if you can find yourself, as a cultural creative entrepreneur who wants to be a force of justice and good, in my exposure of myself. Enjoy.

Fabio: “As I have been exploring my inner world in relation to making money, and dancing with my inner archetypes of capitalist entrepreneur on one side, and tribal indigenous primitivist on the other, I sense a deep guilt I feel inside, because I have a core desire to BE GOOD. I don’t want to hurt people, I want to be good and do good.

With Money, or with Racism, for example, I Want to be good a good ally, the good white guy that gets it.
There is a dichotomy inside of me of wanting to make money, and at the same time believing that making money is bad”

“It’s no mistake that I have struggled with embodying with my masculine power, spiritually, physically and emotionally.
For me money, and being “bad”, powerful, sexual,…being like Al Pacino in Godfather II…money has been that for me, but when I tap into the part of me that says:

“Money is bad, you killed all of these people, you raped the land, you’re bad, you hurt Mommy. Mommy and all of the indigenous people that live on the land. That voice feels really young.
Instead of this powerful, boss, owning,…

My wound with money is un-initiated.

Pieter: ” Wow I think you are really on to something. This blaming of money, this innocent..GRIEF and lashing out at this dominating force…it sounds so ancient, so ancestral,..if I think of any people, for example like ancient Italians living on the land, and the this Syndrome comes, and because of money, now daddy had to go away and work in the mines, and mom had to go away and work in houses…what money did…so my soul tells me that the Land and my Soul is where my focus needs to be…I’ll never go in that direction of money.
How powerful it would be for the boy growing up on the edges of the dominating settling culture to infiltrate and master money to be able to protect the SOUL ground and not be a victim.
To the extent a person is identified with their victim is the extent in which they will not be able to be proactive or create in their life.”

Fabio: “The crying inner boy, un-initiated around money, power, sexuality, ..”

Pieter: ” At the end of the day, the mainstream world in which we live in is a world in which if you don’t trade in money and buy things, you could die. So I understand where the alliance with money is directly connected with our modern fear of death.

Fabio: “I recently watched the movie The Big Short and I find it very connected to all that we’ve been discussing. Alliance to capitalism is coming from a fear of death, which is connected to the basic ontology and cosmology of a people, and so we go back to the Bible story, to modern-white people having lost their original instruction and having lost connection to their ancestry.
That’s the root, it’s ancestral.
Man-boys playing with wall street money.”

Pieter: ” You are the man-boy who is just as much as fault as the wall-street-bros who is addicted to power, you are addicted to this fantasy of being good and so you won’t grow up and deal with money, because you don’t want to be sullied by the parts of it, just like the wall-street bros are sullied and don’t want to deal with the awareness of their ecological, emotional and spiritual impact.
You are both un-initiated.
Where is the adult that says I work with money knowing that is dirty, knowing that it has hurt people. Both sides are the same side of the uninitiated coin.
You are of no use to the world if you won’t die and you won’t become  wiling to work with the toxicity of the world, and be someone who is killed by the radiation of the substance, and says I am not better, I am not going to point out other people that are evil, because they have missed something, when I all along am afraid of working with one piece, my shadow.”

Fabio: “Nailed it. My guess this is the Indo-European, bi-polar swing between anger and victimhood. On one side you have the arrogance of the wall-street bros with money, and the other my own victimhood and grief around money.
The un-initiated behavior around money is of no use to the world, it is still un-initiated man-boy behavior.
The Man, the adult says, wow we have to kill the Spring every year, we have to kill the dragon, the Earth has to die every year, so that we can live, and there is no escape out of that killing, and fucking, and toxicity.
The man is willing to work with the toxicity of the world, and get his hands dirty. He is generative, he gives and creates, he serves.
The boy is not. The boy either hides or rapes, he takes without permission out of his own wounded hunger, there is no responsibility or consequence of impact.

Pieter: “We are in the river of life where you have to learn to swim, and eat, and kill, and trade, and we can’t get out of it. and it is our task.

“To the degree in which people are going down that river WITHOUT embodying  in ritual the full awareness, the shadow and the shit of their own impact on the world, that is the degree in which the empire is going to do it for them, and it will be worse. We might as well start out knowing that we are going to have a terrible impact on the world and the create initiatory culture around that.”

I hope you enjoyed reading that. Or, if you skipped to the end of the article, the tag line is this:
My money victimism, or arrogance, is part of my Shadow.
They are consequence of a non-initiated behavior of a man-boy.
The adult feels the pain of the world, knows Her sacredness, and is willing to work with the pain and toxicity of that which kills and hurts, and learns to become a king (i.e. somebody in a position of power and leadership whose primary goal is to serve “his” people ad lands) by mastering the language of modern money.

Return to [Walmart] origins

I did it.

After 10 years of not stepping through the doors of Hell, I walked back into a Walmart.
It was a return to origins, similar to when I return to eating meat from my years of veganism.
In 2006 I watched a striking documentary called “China Blue”. I was exposed to the realities of cheap labor, capitalism, and horrid overseas factories. The young protagonists, after slipping a tiny note for help in the pockets of jeans she just manufactured, she hopes that somebody in America will find those jeans, and her note, and maybe help her.

I chose never to step into Walmart again.
I find myself 10 years later, returning to this place of regular people, of hunger and hopes and the embodiment of a cracked American Dream.
I have been wondering about the connection of entrepreneurship, capitalism and indigenous ways. Wondering if they are reconciliable. 

And as I re-enter the smiley-faced store, I remember Martin Prechtel’s words about trying to be pure in a world that has long forgotten its relationship with the sacredness with everything alive.
Everything. Thing. Is. Alive.
Just as in veganism, where I was trying to exclude myself from killing life and be a superior white-light peaceful being [and not realizing that plants, rocks, rivers, etc are alive too and there is no escaping killing and eating I order to live–I.e. life feeds on Life] I was trying to extricate myself from the cycle of injustice and exploitation. “Too late” said Martin.

It’s too late to wiggle out of the slavery paradigm.

Realize that you are a slave owner to everything you own, to pieces of furniture that weren’t asked permission to be taken from their mothers and ecological families and be put together.

Remember? Everything is alive.
So as I walked through the Walmart isles with deep grief in my throat and tightness in my chest, I did what every other shopper who is building their lives for cheap, unaware that other poor folks across the world are feeling the impact of our choices, and that the ecological relations of our animal and plant people are impacted too, i chose to take part to the modern tirade, and spend my dollars to feed and clothe myself, remembering each item bought…has a place and origins that are forgotten, and maybe, just maybe I can feel a little bit of gratitude and a whole lotta grief, and feed these beings back with words of appreciation and some remembrance of where they came from.

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Niching and your place in the ecology of Life

I love to look at marketing, career and Niching as our Place in the Ecology of Community and Life.
Career and business then have the possibility of becoming something that serves the relationships with each other, and with the sacredness (and practical tangibility) of our natural world.

The quotes below are from Tad’s most recent book.

“What if the Mayan creation story had something to it in their understanding that humans were put on this Earth to show appreciation and praise for the beauty of the creation through our praise but also our grief?

What if the reason you were alive was just to learn how to open your heart to love a little more every day and to show your praise and appreciation for how good life is?

What if we all show our love of life in different ways?

What if we could separate out the conversation about life purpose and your role in the marketplace?

What if the purpose of life was to discover your gifts and the meaning of it came from giving those gifts away?

What if your niche was designed for your personality and your purpose had more to do with your soul?

Your nice may not be your life purpose.” ~Tad Hargrave, from the book The Niching Spiral

Photo by Leroy Schultz

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Niching, Spirals and Astrology

Today’s focus:


I constantly develop new systems to bring out the best in myself and in my clients.
I am sharpening my astrological and coaching tool-kit by helping people incarnate and embody their Soul through their ‪#‎career‬ .

Today I put myself in the hot seat to figure out Who I can serve best; and I am reading Tad Hargrave’s Niching Spiral book.
Tad is one of those few “conscious” entrepreneurs who is brilliantly blending care for future generations, a passion for marketing, and a wicked beard.

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I’m a social worker with a passion for social and environmental justice, cultures and indigenous spiritualities.

In my [invisible] spare time I like to study entrepreneurship, money making and the art of effective productivity.
Yes, I’m trying to bridge these 2 seemingly contradicting worlds.

Can ‪#‎career‬ be service of Soul, rewilding of the world and rebuilding of the village?

Can entrepreneurship be a tool through which we become human beings again?
Is capitalism inherently Life-eating?

These and other inquiries, in our journey. Follow here to learn more.

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The most efficient way


I love productivity tips.

I love learning how to be fast, efficient, how to focus my work on the 20% that will give me 80% of results.

Or how to cut out and delegate and the 80% of the work that doesn’t use my full skills.

It’s smart and most of all, efficient.

Efficiency seems to be the driving force behind modern-day savants like Tim Ferris, Tony Robbins, the wiz kids at the Integral Center, and most high-achieving entrepreneurs.

I have heard Tim Ferris say in one of his podcasts that we must think like engineers, repetition of is a waste, specially when you can automate it and export it, so somebody else (a low-paid worker in India, or a robot) can do it.

Focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses.

My inner entrepreneur rejoices in this. Yes.
Focus on what’s most important.
Cut out the rest.

But is there a modernist shadow here?

What if repetition (such as beautiful, sweaty, hard agricultural work, or weaving an intricate ancestral rug) is not a burden, but a way of being that makes us human?

I have this belief that we reached the apex of human development in our tribal, indigenous and traditional ways. Our ancestors got it right.

Then Empire forces came in, Industrial Revolution brought mechanization of labor, people moved to factories, and computer (in my animist eyes, living entities as well) started taking over. But the extra time not only didn’t make the larger populus financially richer, it seems it has left the majority of us with a hole in our stomach and a sense of loneliness (“where are my people”), purposelessness (“what am I here to do?”), and homelessness (“where do I belong?”).

We have a lot of fast, cheap stuff, but we ain’t happier.
It’s almost as if the stuff that surround us, is not really…ours.
It doesn’t belong to us.
It doesn’t know us.

Our hands didn’t make most of the stuff we own, and we haven’t been taught to take the time to truly, slowly, learn where each piece came from, therefore enriching its significance once in our possession.

When we buy rugs, computers, paintings, songs, clothes, food…we buy experiences. They feed us and give us a sense of special belonging, even if for a fleeting moment, in the chaos of a fast-paced modern world that seems to have lost its Soul.

What does this have to do with entrepreneurship?

I dream of finding, and I am not sure how it will be possible, a way to bridge, or mediate, the indigenous lifeways (the understanding of time, slowness, community, space, relationship with everything) and entrepreneurial hacks to live in a modern world.

How will we do this?

Stick around, and explore with me.

The Entrepreneurial Warrior

I live in Northern Colorado, the Front Range at the feet of the majestic Rocky Mountains.

For years I have swam and swatted ideas with entrepreneurs in Boulder.

How do I grow my business?

How do I become effective?

How do I hack my life for maximum efficiency?

How do I make the most money?

I have a budding inner entrepreneur inside of me, a part that is highly visionary, idealistic, loves money, and wants to create massive content to serve as many people as people in a hurting world.
And that part esteems and tries to learn from the likes of Tony Robbins, Tim Ferris, Steven Pressfield, and Eben Pagan. That part feels thrilled by the ability of climbing the mountain to the top, discovering the most efficient ways to speed-read, take 20-minute naps, and be the most productive badass around.

I have learned a lot, and while all of this is cool, I notice a baseline mythology in the entrepreneurial mind, one that springs right out of the steaming ashes of the Greek and Roman Empires.

Conquer your procrastination.

Defeat your negative thoughts.

Beat everybody out of business.

Climb to the top. CRUSH it.


Without demonizing the part of me who has a Martian, firey, warrior-driven spirit, I do want to be mindful to notice that often, a lot of the basis for this modern entrepreneurial ways of being are based on empire and warrior-ship.
And the examples  given by inspiring people such as (one of my teachers) John DeMartini are often based on American, British, Roman or Greek (Empire) philosophers.
Not much mention of Indigenous people, women (and no, Ayn Rand does not count) and overall underrepresented “minorities”.

One reason for this, as my teacher Martin Prechtel likes to say, is the modern business/entrepreneurial worldview and the one held by indigenous peoples are incompatible.
[I do want to note that there is no such thing as ONE indigenous worldview, and instead, just like ecosystems, there are Multitudes. The One, monolithic worldview comes from the IndoEuropean language we use]

The question is: how do we keep achieving AND maintain and sustain the Earth?

How do we go full-force and confidently for what-we-want, while still keeping in mind the wellbeing of the planet and henceforth our future generations?

This is a question that I am excited to keep exploring and invite you to keep exploring with me.

How do the inner entrepreneur coexists and serves the indigenous one inside of us?

May the research continue, and the odds be ever in favor of that which makes life live.


Money Hunter, Money Gatherer

A common precept in the coaching community is to present ourselves with an attitude of positivity, happiness and feeling of abundance.

But what happens when, as a helpers, we ourselves are feeling depleted or, even worse, find our bank accounts to be broke?

How do we healers present ourselves to our clients, the very ones we are supposed to help in coming out of the hole of despair and confusion they are finding themselves, when our own home terrain is unstable and steeped in fear?

In this psychologized age, many are familiar with Maslow’s hierarchy of need (Maslow himself modeled his concept from the Blackfoot Nation beliefs).
Maslow speaks of the need to first fulfill our food, water, shelter security priorities, BEFORE we can rise to meeting our self-actualization needs (and therefore being about to focus on our soul work).

This model is, as most western models are, individualist and linear.
You get only one chance.

But what if there is another face to life?

What if our work and the embodiment of our Soul’s imperative can help us build a thriving human community intimately connected to the cycles of the natural world?

I’m still figuring this out.

But I can tell you that when I am hungry and swimming in Scarcity waters, the back part of my brain gets triggered, and I scout Craigslist, a list of past clients, or the local mall, looking for jobs/money as I was thirstly and desperately searching for food.

Now, try this:

What if instead, for the next hour, I relax, meditate, dance to some good tunes, and re-connect to WHY I am doing what I am doing? What if I switch perspective from Getting to Giving?

My teacher Martin Prechtel often encourages us to “become breasts, instead of suckling for milk”.

In a time of cultural poverty, soul scarcity, and hungry pockets, we are being called to become the adults we were never initiated into becoming, moment-by-moment, and from that place, reach into the frontal lobe, and feed inspiration to the people around us.
So that our common children may have a future.